Yes, Speical rate for senior citizen on fixed deposit.

No, Funds cannot to be added at any time of the tenure once your FD is booked.

The minimum tenure of a fixed depsoit is 12months and the maximum tenure is upto 120 months

The interest on FD will be Credited to your registered bank account

Lock in period will be 3 months

The bond price, also known as the settlement amount that is displayed on the website, comprises both the market price and the accrued interest. Interest accrues on a daily basis until the purchase, and the market price also fluctuates daily. Therefore, If there is a time gap of a day or more than a day between adding bond units into , then you will see a change in the settlement amount.

Face value is the price at which a Bond unit is issued by the Bond issuer. The price at which bonds are traded is called the Market price. The Investment Amount is the sum that an investor pays to purchase a bond. This investment amount is the sum of the Market price and Accrued interest.

The Coupon or Coupon rate is the interest rate paid by fixed-interest security such as Bond/ Debenture. It is the annual payment towards the face value of a bond. The bond-issuing company pays it to the bondholder. The yield is the effective interest rate on bonds. The yield will vary inversely with the market price of the Bond. Yield actually represents real returns earned by the investor.

The interest payment will be paid into the bondholder’s bank account associated with the Demat account as per the predefined schedule.

For Bonds/Debentures, the money automatically gets remitted to your bank account on the date of maturity.

Once your order is confirmed, bond units will be credited to your Demat account on T+1 day i.e. next trading day.